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Frequently Asked Questions

The rise of social media has given birth to a phenomenon where countless individuals portray themselves as wealthy, flaunting luxury lifestyles that are often far from reality. This proliferation of “fake rich” personas is fueled by carefully curated posts and filters, creating an illusion of opulence and success. Flex Lords gives people a chance to put their money where their mouth is – by donating cash to prove their actual spending power. After all, cash is king.

First, register an account with us. Afterwards log in, input the donation amount on the homepage and click the Flex button.

The three types of credits are Donations, Income, and Reputation.


Donations directly reflect the amount you have donated.


Income is an estimated yearly income calculated by donations x 120, as most people donate 10% of one month’s income.


Reputation is earned by completing quests. Click on quests on the side menu to see available quests.


You can see your credit balances by clicking on credits on the side menu.

Ranks and badges are unlocked through donations. Click on the ranks and badges section on the side menu to see how to unlock each one.

Leaderboards show the top donators in descending order. If there is a tie between two users, the user with the most badges will be placed higher in the leaderboard. If again there is a tie, the user with the highest reputation will be placed higher in the leaderboard.

You are not purchasing anything or entitled to any product. All payments to the site are strictly donations.